West Yorkshire Winter League

Cross Country Season 2017-18 - next race

Sunday 25th February 2018 at 10.00am - Stainland

Sunday 4th March 2018 at 10.00am - Queensbury



Each race is usually different in the terrain that it offers although all are approx. 4 - 5 ½ miles in length and offer a mixture of woodland, canal, tracks, streams, usually in fairly muddy conditions. There are usually between 200-300 runners at each event. Cross Country shoes are recommended and club vests should be worn. Suitable for all abilities, free to race and a great opportunity to race with lots of clubmates.


See our forum and facebook group for more details of each race.  West Yorkshire Winter League have a facebook group which is updated with route information, results etc

The WYWL is affiliated to UK Athletics and to the North of England Athletic Association and is an entry level league which has been organised in its present form since 1992.

Pudsey Pacers has a good history in this league, and last season we were runners up and ended up winning the National Plate Race. Please get behind your Club this year and help us go one better and win the league!

How the League works:

The League is a team event over five races during November - March of each year. There are currently 13 clubs within the West Yorkshire Winter League: Idle A.C, Pudsey Pacers, Leeds & Bradford Tri, Dewsbury Road Runners, Baildon Runners, Stainland Lions, Stadium Runners, Queensbury, Todmorden, Craven Energy, Northowram Pumas, South Leeds Lakers and Skipton AC. The League is self financing as each Club pays £50 per season which enables all members to take part.

The Cross Country Races:

Each race is usually different in the terrain that it offers although all are approx. 4 - 5 ½ miles in length and offer a mixture of woodland, canal, tracks, streams, usually in fairly muddy conditions. There are usually between 200 to 300 runners at each event. Cross Country studs are recommended and club vests should be worn.

The Team Scores:

Whilst the League does offer individual trophy positions, its primary objective is team competition. The five team scores are added together to decide the following team trophies:>

  • 1st Combined Team, 2nd Combined Team, 3rd Combined Team.
  • 1st Male Team.
  • 1st Female team.
  • 1st Vets Team (combination of male/females).

A club team is the first seven men to cross the line(which must include 2 vets), and the first four women (including 1 vet), in each event.

The vets team is the 2 male and the one female counting vets added together.

Different runners may score in different races - it's just first past the post on the day.

The first Combined Team can enter the National Cross Country Final and the 2nd Combined Team can enter the Plate Race at the National Final.

I'm never going to be a top 10 runner, how can I contribute?

Whilst you might think that you can't be one of the first 7 Pudsey Pacers (men) or first 3 Pudsey Pacers (ladies) to finish, you might finish before the 7th male, or 3rd lady, runner from another club. By doing so, the other club runner gets fewer points and this helps Pudsey Pacers to finish higher in the overall standings. So every club member, whatever their ability, can play their part.

The Individual Scores:

There are individual men's and women's trophies and prizes to compete for at senior and several veteran levels. However to count for these you must complete all five events, and your scores will be added together. At the end of each race individuals are given a tag which denotes their position in the race. This works as follows:

The first male runner gets 200 points, second gets 199, third gets 198 and so on. The first female runner gets 100 points, second gets 99, third gets 98 and so on.

So in addition to the team positions, individual results are available after each event and individual and category winners are presented with individual trophies at the Presentation Evening held at the end of the season.

Two very special trophies are also presented to individuals each year, these are for the most improved male and female runner who has completed all 6 events. The most improved male runner receives the Dave Turpin Memorial Trophy and the most improved female runner receives the Paul Dowson Memorial Trophy. Through these trophies we remember two well known league competitors who both died suddenly during the 1999 -2000 season.

The Presentation Night:

This has become THE social event of the year for the participating clubs. In addition to presenting the Team and Individual trophies the Presentation Night is a chance for all the clubs to get together socially and enjoy a buffet and disco in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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