2017/2018 Compeition

Current Standings below. This opens up an excel workbook if you enable content and marcos you will be able to use the filter the results based on various criteria

Current Standings - In House

Current Standings - parkrun competition



Final 2016/2017 Standings

Final Standings


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Winners - parkrun competition




Final 2015 Standings here

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2014/2014 Final Standings


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Mid Year Standings 2014/2015 



In House Champions 2013/2014!

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2012/2013 Archive
New Excel spreadhseet listing all points accumulated over each quarter and the averages, totals and improvement indicators.... here

End of Q4 Tables!

 Tables at the end of Q4 taking out those who hadn't ran the minimum 2 races.....





End of Q3 Tables

For the end of Q3 tables, I've taken out all those which haven't done the minimum 2 races (except those in relegation positions) so it is a little more clear to see where people have finished.  

Well done all that raced. Now for Q4 - the final quarter of this years comp, up until now it's all been a warm up - Q4 is where it counts!




Final Tables at the end of Q2

League 1

Champion: Darren Burnley 1st RU: Jim Wheldon 2nd RU Jim Cantwell, 3rd RU Sue Ransome

Top two spots a familiar story to last quarters finish position. Jim Cantwell pushing up to take 3rd spot and Sue just squeezing out Paul to take 4th. 5 relegated from the top flight, making room for some Div 2 high fliers.

League 2 

Champion: Lynne Barrett, 1st RU, Andy Barret, 2nd RU Sean Casey, 3rd RU Mark Nolan. Also promoted: Joy Good

Lynee the clear winner in Div 2 with a points haul which would place well in Div 1. Joy also promoted based on her score being higher than the 5th bottom in Div 1. Therefore seemed fair to swap.

4 Relegated out of div 2.

League 3

Winner: David Lighten, 1st RU John Pop, 2nd RU Morven Wallace, 4rd RU David Cooper

Lots of slots rolling down in this league due to people not doing the required 2 races.

We have an odd situation with the Div 3/Div 4 relegation and promotion due to people not doing enough races. Therefore what I propose to do is to relegate those two who haven't raced 2 or more races and promote the first 2 from division 4 who have races enough.





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