Running in a race, Parkrun or triathlon?  Please let us know and e-mail your result/ brief event details - weather, course, terrain etc. (and say if you want it noted in the report as a PB)... Sarah Turner – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Weekly News 17th July 2017


There doesn’t appear to be anything to report on from this weekend gone however during the past week several of our Pacers were involved in a couple of relay races. 

On Wednesday the hugely popular Golden Acre Park Relays were attended by a good contingent of Pacers, there were no less than 150 teams contested and such was the popularity that we were too late to register one of our teams. We still had 7 teams though. 

Pride of place goes to our leading pack known as Pudsey Rockets who finished 4th overall against top quality opposition. 

Full results for our teams were –

Pudsey Rockets (4th) – James Boxall 14:29 Matt Livesey 15:16 and James Clark 16:12 Total = 45:57

Pudsey All Stars (23rd) – Richard Allan 16:26 Anna Keys 20:24 and Neil Armitage 15:46 Total = 52:36 

Pudsey Picklers (40th) – Darren Barham 18:32 James Pickles 17:48 and Dave Burdon 18:57 Total = 55:17 

Pudsey Shoe Sharers (60th) Andy Norman 19:32 Martin Bullock 20:19 and Robert Greaves 20:49 Total = 1:00:40

Editor’s note I think leg 2 and 3 were actually run by Andy Walker and Chris Coleman.

Pudsey Pacers Super Vets (68th) William Overton 20:19 Tony Mawson 19:49 and Mark Smith 21:46 Total = 1:01:54

Pudsey Princesses (92nd) Sarah Norman 20:58 Lucy Armstrong 21:09 and Lynne Barrett 24:05 Total = 1:06:12

Pudsey Plodders (136th) Paul Dewhirst 26:16 Gemma Benson 25:15 and Andy Hall 25:42 Total = 1:17:13


Following on from this we were represented at the Washburn Valley Relays. In the case of Golden Acre all runners do the same route however for the Washburn the first runner runs around Fewston and has a short road loop. The 2nd runner runs around Fewston reservoir clockwise and the 3rd runner runs around Swinsty reservoir anti clockwise. Our results were: -  

Pudsey Pacers Young Men (16th) Darren Barham 21:31 Richard Allan 24:46 and Rob Samuels 21:06 Total = 1:07:13

Pudsey Pacers Mixers (30th) Tony Mawson 22:23 Brad Strutt 28:48 and Gary Leedham 24:05 Total = 1:15:16

Pudsey Pacers Ladies (57th) Caroline Clarke 24:54 Emma Robinson 30:36 and Melanie Ellyard 28:42 Total = 1:24:12

Pudsey Pacer Fellas  (59th) Martin Bullock 24:09 Andrew Smithurst 34:18 and Tim Ayres 27:59 Total = 1:26:26

There were 64 teams contesting this relay event.

Just one loose end to tie up from last week. Nick Dunn achieved a 10k PB in the Leeds 10k with his time of 42:05.


Weekly News 10th July 2017

This really is a busy time for our runners with yet another large contingent of Pacers at the increasingly popular Leeds 10k this Sunday.

Results for our runners were:- Richard Long 37:55, Jim Cantwell 39:34, Peter Enever 41:54, Nick Dunn 42:05, Mark Orbell 42:18, Lawrence Martin 42:52 (PB) Rachel Grist 48:29, Andrew Smithurst 50:00, Joshua Hawkhead 51:00, Matthew Hunt 57:22, Carol Parkinson 57:42,  Fay Walker 58:02, Victoria Benson 59:03, Sara Demaine 1:00:19, Lucy McCartney 1:02:03,  Kezzie Medford 1:02:52 (1st F70), John Woodhead 1:05:16, Georgie Strandmann 1:06:10, Yannah Surendrakumar 1:08:38, Andrew Duffy 1:10:48, Michelle Dare 1:13:04, Sharon Steel 1:16:11, Rachel Clayforth 1:27:10, Helen Hargrave 1:34:33.

Now for something completely different (As in 21 miles and 9000 feet of climbing). Leigh Hinchliffe reports from one of the epic Lakeland classic fell races (Wasdale) which he tackled on Saturday. “Great conditions if maybe too warm. lots of sunburn today!  A new PB by 45mins from last year. finished in 5:50 and 144th place out of 284 starters with 51 not finishing. 

Its summer so not unusual to have Friday night races and again we had a few of our runners opt for the East Leeds 10k a trail race at St Aidans Country Park in Swillington.

Results – Richard Allen 39:09, James Pickles 40:57, Ollie Roberts 41:21, Peter Enever 43:20, Martin Bullock 49:04, Katy Ralph 49:49, Lisa Jamieson 51:56, Nic Anness 55:54, Linda Bullock 58:19, Helen Leech 1:08:59.

Earlier in the week on Wednesday there was the Helen Windsor 10k organised by Halifax Harriers. Jon Pop reported on this event as he and Trish were our only Pacers attending: -

 “Two comebacks to inform you about.  Normally seen at races sat behind a computer Trish and I took part in the Helen Windsor 10k near Halifax. The race incorporated the YVAA 10k Championships and Trish, having not done a race of any kind for nearly 2 years, came away with the F60 winner's title, with a time of 57:26.  She's still got it!!   I haven't run a road race since that same one 2 years ago and was happy with a finishing time of 54:56”.

There were also Pudsey Pacers racing on Tuesday as well with the Danefield Relay’s. 17 Pacers made up our 6 teams (Darren our fearless captain ran 2 legs and was happy to pronounce himself back on the race circuit) 2 races in one night Darren that is impressive.

Finally, for this week just to clear up a missing result from last Sunday in the Eccup 10 – David Owen completed in 1:36:45


Weekly News 05th July 2017

Another massive turnout of Pacers for a local race, this time at the Eccup 10 mile road race which as well as counting for our club in house championship was also the YVAA 10 mile championship race.

 Results for our runners were:- Mark Orbell 1:11:28, Robert Greaves 1:13:59, Lawrence Martin 1:14:46, William Overton 1:16:42 (3rd V65 in YVAA championship race), Steve Pattison 1:17:10, Tony Mawson 1:18:51, Brad Strutt 1:19:04, Mandy Bannister 1:21:34 (3rd FV 50 in YVAA championship race), David Booth 1:21:50, Katy Ralph 1:23:47, Martin Bullock 1:24:02, Hilary Taylor 1:25:29, Mark Smith 1:25:27, Emma Young 1:25:58, Emma Robinson 1:27:15, Tony Lambert 1:30:18, Andrew Smithurst 1:30:19, Lisa Jamieson 1:30:57, Anjuli Parmar 1:33:06, Adrian Martin 1:36:22, Carol Parkinson 1:36:35, Nic Annes 1:37:19, Claire Bray 1:37:48, Ralph McDermott 1:38:22, Debbie McDermott 1:38:23, Linda Bullock 1:39:12, Cathy Martin 1:41:37, Garry Leedham 1:43:20, Gemma Benson 1:44:05, Andrew Hall 1:44:08, Rob Greaves 1:45:17, Victoria Benson 1:46:19, Kezzie Medford 1:48:18 (1st FV70 in YVAA championship race), Ruth Duffy 1:55:21, Edwina Hewson 1:55:31, Lia DeFaveri 1:57:02, John Woodhead 2:00:39, Michelle Dare 2:03:32, Elaine Rushworth 2:03:32, Dilip Parmar 2:08:23.

 David Owen also ran the race but currently missing from the results.

Over in Southport Simon Coughlan running his last race at a Pacer now that he has relocated at Southport,

completed the Half Marathon in 1:31:31 and Dave Burdon 1:39:53. 

Victoria Dickinson opted for the 10k and completed in 59:16.

 Earlier in the week many Pacers rushed around the Rhubarb fields over at Priesthorpe Lane. Matt Livesey lead the way with a 3rd place finish in 21:15, Richard Allan (9th) 23:41, Arthur Creek 24:26, Ollie Roberts 24:27, Lawrence Martin 25:13, Peter Enever 25:15, Mark Orbell 25:30, Brad Strutt 26:53, Robert Greaves 27:13, Tony Mawson 27:22, Rachel Grist 29:06, Lisa Heath 29:09, Martin Bullock 29:09, Emma Robinson 29:33, Peter Covey 30:13, Katy Ralph 30:28, Sara Demaine 32:20,  Andrew Smithurst 32:35, Lynne Barrett 32:38, Lisa Jamieson 32:41, Tim Ayres 33:27, Ralph McDermott 34:02, Tony Lambert 34:26, Fay Walker 34:58, Melissa Stead 35;54, David Owen 35:55, Ruth Kettle 36:29, Gemma Benson 37:35, Andrew Hall 37:36, Rob Greaves 37:44, Howard Stead 38:08, Paul Dewhirst 38:47.


Weekly News 26 June 2017


With the summer race season really getting into full swing a few races to report on this week, including a couple of mid weekers. Reporting first on the team event of the weekend, with 30 members participating in the Bradford Millenium Way Relay. 48 miles split over 5 legs of varied terrain our teams put in a great effort and all reports indicate that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all, include those taking part for the very first time. A total of 54 teams took part and A team finished in 10th position in 6:32:06, the Vets (B team) in 38th in 8:01:49 and the Open (C) team in 8:29:26. The full results including the individual leg times can be found on the Saltaire Striders website and hopefully a full report will likely appear in the next newsletter.

Sara Demaine reports on the Summer Solstice Saunter “Four Pacers headed to the Yorkshire Dales on the longest day for the Bolton Abbey Summer Solstice Saunter, a five mile trail race in great scenery also raising lots of cash for Sue Ryder. It was a hot and humid evening with many midges but this was rewarded with a bottle of beer on finishing.” Across the line, first pacer was Gemma Storr 47.32, Ralph McDermott 49:51, Sara Demaine 49:59 and Paul Mortimer 52:21.

Meanwhile the following night at Addingham members tackled the Beamsley Beacon fell race. Starting from the Crown Inn at ascending Beamsley Beacon and back in to finish with a pint at the pub, 5.5 miles and 1100ft of climb, were Darryl Stead 49:40, Dave Cooper 50:08, Tony Mawson 50:55, Martin Bullock 55:21, Emma Robinson 59:04 and Nick Greenwood 1:00:38.

Sole pacers Nicola Cartwright returned to home territory to run the Penistone 10k in 59:48, and Mary Liversidge was hoping that someone would bring her sunshine at the Morecombe Half Marathon. A little hillier than expected, Mary completed the race in 2:10:49.

Meanwhile two members travelled to Sheffield to participate in the Round Sheffield Run. Billed as as “Epic multi stage trail race”. This race consists of 11 timed stages totalling 20k. According to the website:

This new creative concept takes you on a journey around some of the best trails in Sheffield, linking up the nicest parkland and green spaces. The unique format breaks the route down into stages. With each stage being raced, and competitors receiving results for each stage as well as the combined overall result. Competitors have the opportunity to relax a little, regroup with their friends and fellow runners and refocus before the next stage begins. Competitors are allowed to walk or jog in between stages (There will be a maximum time limit for each "Liaison Stage" which will roughly equate to a moderate / slow walking pace). This creates a special and unique social vibe at the race. Participants will be set off every few seconds across their starting block, so unless you are particularly speedy there will always be someone to chase down.Paul Mortimer completed the route in 1:58:41 and Ralph McDermott 2:01:01 (if I have interpreted the results correctly!).

Up on the fells this weekend participating in one of the Lakes Classics Buttermere Horseshoe , Leigh Hinchcliffe was the sole pacer game for this. At 23 miles and 8900ft climbing it was no mean feat and Leigh completed the race in 6:07. He records “Buttermere completed in 6:07. Only one word to describe this race, WOW! Amazing scenery, 23m of killer hills and descents, best post race nosh, friendliest racers and marshals and all foronly £10. This is a definite bucket list race for any runner wanting a challenge. Next year anyone?”

Weekly News 19th June 2017

Firstly to a catch up on one that didn’t make last week’s report in time.

Paul Kaye reported on the Bolton Hill Marathon held on 10th June.

A 50/50 course of road and trail which made its way over the tops from Moss Bank Country Park with plenty of climbing, across the West Pennine Moors over Winter Hill, past White Coppice and along Anglezarke reservoir, past Rivington Pike and Barn, and through Barrow Bridge village. 129 finishers covering 3017 feet of climbing in “ducks weather”!  A thick mist on the top of the moor made it tricky at times given that suddenly the runners ahead, disappeared from view. Not good if you’re on terrain which is new to you. Once the tarmac reappeared then the panic was over. Rained persistently for most of the day, and tracks over the moors and lower down were more like “babbling brooks” so the feet are now webbed!  Finished in 06:04:38 and thank heavens I’d got my own base camp to make a hot brew as they were closing the café when I got back. Felt for the ones who were still left on the course given the rain started to come down harder. At the one and only marathon mileage marker I came across all the way round, which was 10 miles, met the lead runner coming the opposite way near the loop section followed by another dozen “ferrets”! Given at this point there was still an awful long way to go and more uphill. Despite the rain it still was reasonably warm whilst you kept moving. Unfortunately, having got wet feet as soon as we crossed the start line, having managed to get the feet dry by the time I’d got back to the park, 4 steps back onto the field and they were soaked again! The hardened trail runners would have loved this, but my quads and glutes are telling me otherwise! Great scenery and fantastic marshals who had one or two remote spots to cover.


On to this week and the big event was our very own 10k race which followed a family fun run and a run around the park for the under 8’s. What a superb day, with fantastic weather although it proved a little too hot for the runners and was certainly not a day for PB’s. Feedback received was that this was a well organised race with lots of marshals offering great encouragement to the runners and helping to cool them down in the park afterwards. A great day for Pudsey community and a massive thanks to all those who helped as well of course to our race director Elaine Allan who with her team have worked so hard to make sure everything went according to plan.

Turning to the race – this was won by John Hobbs of Valley Striders in a time of 36:42. First lady home was Ellie Kitchen of Bingley Harriers in a time of 45:40. Valley Striders took the male team prize and St Teresa’s won the ladies team prize.

Representing Pudsey Pacers in our race and  first home was Nick Dunn 45:46, followed by Mark Orbell 47:28, Lawrence Martin 49:12, Richard Godden (in his first claim colours of Roberttown), 49:49, Robert Greaves 50:48, Johnny Scott 53:48, Brad Strutt 55:33, Emma Young 58:09, Melanie Tolley 1:02:20, Matthew Hunt 1:05:01, Peter Binnie 1:06:46, Sara Demaine 1:08:45, Ralph Mcdermott (running in shorts) 1:09:17, Samantha Stuart 1:09:42, Daniella Henbry 1:09:44, Debbie Mcdermott 1:10:43, Christine Stead 1:11:56, Kezzie Medford 1:16:44 and Liz Hargrave 1:27:17     

Still awaiting results of 3 Lakes classic which took part on Saturday.


Week ending 11 June 2017


A much quieter week this week compared to the activity of late.


I have only been made aware of one race that members have competed in.


Midweek six pacers headed into the Dales to take part in the Kettlewell Anniversary fell race (AS, 5 miles 1800 ft climbing). Tony Mawson reports:


The weather gods were not smiling down as we drove up to Kettlewell with torrential rain and flooded roads. It was still raining 5 minutes before the start but then, thankfully, the clouds parted to leave a dry race (although wet under foot)


The first mile was quite brutal as its straight up from the start to the summit at 1500ft. Once over the summit we then had a strong head wind to contend with, but were rewarded by stunning views across the valley towards Arncliffe.


I long downhill section then a short run along the valley followed and did offer some rest.


But soon it turned upwards although this time with a tail wind and a lesser gradient, it was more runnable.


Then it was the final descent into Kettlewell, a bit rocky in places and quite fast.


The reward for our efforts was soup and crusty bread in the Blue Bell pub (washed down with a pint of real ale!)”


Results: Ollie Roberts 49:41; Tony Mawson 55:42; Caroline Clark 59:00 (Second in Class); Martin Bullock 60:53; Emma Robinson 66:59 and Katy Ralph 67:01


Weekly News 5th June 2017


Lots of race information to report on this week.


First off let’s catch up with the Ilkley Trail race which took place last week, we had 7 Pacers in attendance posting the following times Andy Norman 56:32, Andrew Walker 57:25, Sarah Norman 61:41, Fay Walker 72:22, Melissa Stead 73:51, Pam Birchenall 74:08 (finishing despite injuring her ankle) and Paul Dewhirst 82:09.


Marathon Man Paul Kaye has been at it again this time embarking on one called The Flying Fox – Paul reports


“Missed the boat for last week’s news, but latest exploit was the Flying Fox Marathon which took place on the Sunday, in what were hot & humid conditions along a one lap scenic course right in the middle of the Staffordshire countryside, which went part way into Shropshire. Some nasty long pulls which seemed to get more frequent after 13 miles. Even the last section was uphill! 83 runners completed the event, and it was one of the most unusual goodie bags I’ve had in the last 9 years. Finishing time - 05:39:37. A long way to go but a really friendly bunch and a chance to see a bit of rural England. Only came across a handful of cars the whole day, that’s how tight these lanes were! “



Meanwhile at Melmerby 10k Rodney Tordoff reported for us.


The Melmerby10k is run on a good country course, not too severe but slightly undulating. On a warm day 319 runners contested the race with Franco Pardini from Roundhay Runners in 33.33.2 being the first to finish. Becky Briggs of Beverley Athletic Club in 39.47.0 led home the ladies. For the Pacers James Pickles, who has been running less than two years, recorded 41.05.3. I managed to get round in 52.59.2 (Phew), which was good enough to be the first male over 70. I received a plaque and a proper shirt! (not a tee shirt).


The first of 2 vets races this week was contested at Kirkstall, a record turnout of well over 300 runners attended and Pudsey Pacers had themselves a fantastic turnout of  17 ladies and 28 men amongst them.


Leading the ladies home in her first vets race as a vet so to speak was Anna Keys 44:43, followed by Lisa Heath 47:25, Dveirel Kovalsky 48:47, Sue Ransome 49:28, Sarah Norman 49:44, Natalie Tordoff 50:11, Katy Ralph 51:38, Emma Young 51:43, Lynne Barrett 53:41, Nicky Anness 56:18, Cathy Martin 57:25, Debbie McDermott 59:02, Melissa Stead 59:58, Christine Stead 60:09, Gemma Benson 61:47, Michelle Dare 65:46, Lynne Oxley 67:13.


 Meanwhile for the men we had James Clark 36:27, Jon Holah 36:51, Nigel Armitage 37:58, Rich Allen 39:21, Robert Samuels 39:54, Steve Boom 41:26, John Marshall 41:30, Ben Mason 42:02, Laurence Martin 42:38, Mark Orbell 42:34, David Kirk 42:37, Robert Greaves 44:24, David Booth 44:40, Andy Norman 45:51, Steve Pattison 46:00, Darryl Stead 47:18, William Overton 47:53, Mark Smith 48:50, Mick Liversedge 51:22, Nick Greenwood 52:36, Adrian Martin 53:40,Peter Binnie 54:25, Chris Copeland 55:02, Andrew Allan 55:20, Ralph McDermott 56:59, Robert Greaves (senior) 61:07, Andrew Hall 61:49, Paul Dewhirst 63:06.



The popular ABC Canter took place on Thursday evening and again several pacers were in action. Robert Samuels secured 2nd M55 place in a time of 41:23 followed by James Pickles 42:05, David Booth 46:58, Brad Strutt 49:10, Andrew Walker 50:01, Lisa Heath 50:37, Peter Covey 51:18, Andrew Tams 51:43, Katy Ralph 54:00, Emma Robinson 54:47, Ralph McDermott 57:08, Adrian Martin 58:09, Paul Mortimer 60:40, Nic Anness 61:11, Ian Robinson 61:44, Cathy Martin 62:10, Karina Leucht 73:32, Lia De Faveri 77:29, Lindsay Johnson 77:34.



Another hot day for racing on the Saturday at The tough Wharfedale Half marathon featuring  the slog up Mastiles Lane but also some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. Ben Mason lead the pacers home in a time of 1:56:39 followed by Steve Boom 1:57:01, David Cooper 2:06:00, William Overton 2:08:35, Tim Barton 2:13:44, Sharon Hague 2:18:19, Caroline Clarke 2:20:44, Dveirel Kovalsky 2:12:21 and Melissa Stead 2:45:42.



Meanwhile Leigh Hinchliffe veteran of the fells was once again showing his endurance skills on the notoriously tough Duddon Valley Classic fell race, Leigh completed in 4:12:58 and says it was one of the toughest races he has encountered.



Sunday brought the 2nd of our vets GP races this time at the lovely course set in private grounds at Lythe near Whitby. Again a wonderful turnout from the Pacers only Stainland who hired a coach had a bigger attendance.


We had 7 ladies Anna Keys 52:28, Lisa Heath 55:27, Sarah Norman 56:02, Katy Ralph 59:00, Lynne Barrett 62:12, Cathy Martin 68:13 and Mary Liversedge 69:17. The 15 men were lead home by Jon Holah 41:05 followed by Robert Samuels 43:59, Rich Allen 44:27, Mark Orbell 47:24, Laurence Martin 48:22, Dave Burdon 49:17, Mark Pawson 52:06, Andy Norman 52:10, Steve Pattison 53:36, William Overton 54:58, Peter Covey 55;21, Mick Liversedge 57:57, Nick Grenwood 62:37, Adrian Martin 63:15 and Paul Dewhirst 70:43.


Currently in the Vets GP after 3 races our ladies team are in 3rd place and the Mens team  are in 2nd. Several of our runners are well placed in the individual rankings see YVAA website for more information.


In addition to this busy week of races which also included the Chevin Fell race (results awaited), Our club did a takeover of Oakwell Park Run.


Weekly News 29 May 2017

This week it was all about the cities! Races spanning 3 of the UK’s major cities offered something for everyone!

Pacers travelled to Liverpool to take part in the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon series of races. The musical weekend started off with the 5k race. Taking advantage of this nice warm up race ready for Sunday’s longer races were Lynne Barrett 26:03 and Peter Enever 34:45. The following day in the Half Marathon first pacer home was Peter Enever in 1:35:36, followed by Lynne Barrett 2:02:44, Adrian Martin 2:04:34 and finally dancing her way around the streets shaking her tutu was Cathy Martin in 2:28:07.

Moving north of the border to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, several members travelled with a promise of that by now customary hot and sunny bank holiday weekend weather, which always hits on marathon weekend (poor marathon runners!!). On the Saturday Carol Parkinson was the sole pacer in the 10k an “undulating” route around Arthurs seat finishing in 58:50.

Two members opted for the marathon distance the following day, completing the Edinburgh marathon were Simon Platts in 3:30:09 and Thomas Murphy 4:11:00.

In the Edinburgh Half marathon our first member home was Amy Smith in 1:56:52 , and Mick Liversidge in 2:00:11, who had breathed a sigh of relief that he was only doing half the distance this year, having completed the marathon distance last year. They were followed by John Woodhead in 2:01:22 and Mary Liversidge 2:11:03.

Another Scottish race took place with members unprepared for the sun saw Steve Boom finish the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon in 1:37:26, a frazzled sunburnt Dave Cooper in 1:47:21 and Sharon Hague in 2:07:18.

On Sunday after a traumatic sad week in the city following the events of last Monday, the city turned out in force to support the Greater Manchester Runs – sole pacer Rob Samuels ran the Half Marathon distance in 1:28:50.

Finally, prize to the most distant race goes to Lynne Barrett who completed the Green Bay HalfMarathon (2 weeks ago) in the depths of Wisconsin, USA in 1:56:22.

Results from Ilkley trail race awaited.



Week ending 21 May 2017


First up this week on Wednesday evening was the final race in the John Carr fast and furious 5k series. As in the previous 2 races in the series Matt Livesey was our first member home in 17.30, followed by Morven Wallace 19:36, William Overton 21:59, Mark Smith 22:40, Brad Strutt 22:43 and producing her best time of the series Melissa Stead in 27:43.


The big team event of the weekend was the Calderdale Way relay. Members have been busy undertaking reccies of their individual legs. The 51 mile route is divided into six legs of between 5 and 10.5 miles, and is run by teams in pairs. This year we had 2 teams entered. 96 teams took part in total with our A team finishing in 22nd place and the B team in 64th place. Individual performances: A team: Leg 1 – Nigel Armitage/James Clark1:24:03, Leg 2 Ollie Roberts/Steve Book 1:10:09, Leg 3 James Pickles/Michael Dixon 48:08, Leg 4 Rich Allen/Rob Samuels 1:28:25, Leg 5 John Holah/Paul Gaile, Leg 6 Matt Livesey/James Boxell 1:11:58 (finishing 4th fastest on leg). B team – Leg 1 – Steve Pattinson/Federico Locci 2:13:31, Leg 2 Sharon Hague/Sarah Norman 1:25:04, Leg 3 Caroline Clark/Diane Wood 53:18,  Leg 4 Dave Cooper/Mark Pawson 1:33:57, Leg 5 William Overton/Brad Strutt 1:20:00, Leg 6 Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez/Paula Bradshaw 1:36:06.


Up in the Lakes, 2 members travelled to the Brathay Windermere marathon, a scenic road marathon around Lake Windermere, starting and finishing at Brathay near Ambleside. Seasoned marathoner Sue Ransome was first home clutching a well deserved trophy for 1 F60 in 3:50:13. Martin Bullock on his debut running a strong 4:12:26. Well done both!

Weekly News 15th May 2017  

We start with two important local races high on attendance from Pudsey Pacers to report on this week. The 2nd of the John Carr 5k series took place on Wednesday. 

First home for the Pacers was Matt Livesey 17:12 followed by in form Morven Wallace 19:30, David Booth 20:48, Brad Strutt 23:16, Peter Covey 23:57 (2nd M70), Andrew Smithurst 25:27, Melissa Stead 28:16 and Paul Dewhirst 28:51

The last of the series takes place Wednesday 17th 7:30pm.

On to the Leeds Half Marathon which many in the club have been training towards and an apology in advance for anyone missed off the results, if your club name isn’t shown or you ran in somebody else’s name there is a chance your result will not have been captured in this report. A massive turnout of around 50 pacers pounded the streets for this annual event and with warm conditions to contend with the final run in down Kirkstall Road was as challenging as ever. Thankfully the fantastic support around the course from supporters including  our own club members and those of other clubs helped our runners achieve the following times. James Clark 1:21:22, Nigel Armitage 1:23:08 (3rd M45), Al Chapman 1:23:53, Richard Allan 1:29:36, Morven Wallace 1:30:30, James Pickles 1:30:50, Beth Bray 1:32:13 (PB), Robert Greaves 1:33:24, Mark Orbell 1:33;43, Simon Platts 1:35:42, John Halliwell 1:35:45, Gary Leedham 1:39:27, David Booth 1:40:41, Bill Overton 1:46:33, Steve Pattison 1:46:35, Tim Barton 1:46:44, Karl Collingwood-Thirley 1:49:35, Rachel Grist 1:49:44, Hilary Taylor 1:52:29 (PB), Anjuli Parmar 1:54:04, Andrew Smithurst 1:59:01, Catherine Garrett 1:59:15, Mick Liversidge 2:01:08, David Weed 2:02:06, Emma Young 2:02:28,   Martin Scott 2:02:56, Rodney Tordoff 2:04:09, Claire Bray 2:06:13, Paul Mortimer 2:06:33, Carol Parkinson 2:07:50, Gemma Benson 2:12:15, Linda Bullock 2:12:15, Nicola Cartwright 2:13:54, Victoria Dickinson 2:14:17, Mary Liversidge 2:18:00, Caroline Parish 2:19:21, Ian Robinson 2:21:13, Pam Birchenall 2:22:53, Robert Greaves 2:24:04, Kezzie Medford 2:33:30 (1st F70), Edwina Hewson 2:35:21, Lia De Faveri 2:38:04, Michelle Dare 2:38:12, Elaine Rushworth 2:38:12,  Andy Hall 2:39:16, Ralph Mcdermott 2:46:49, Debbie McDermott 2:46:49, Lynne Donna 2:47:15, Rachel Clayforth 2:58:35. Well done to all our runners hope you are all recovering and no doubt you are busy planning your next major goals.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday evening just 2 of our club members ran the Jack Bloor Ilkley Moor Fell Race (8.4km and 350 metre ascent) with Neil Armitage posting a time of 45:17 and Darryl Stead 57:56

One other race to report whilst others were sweating the Leeds Half Marathon Sue Ransome was competing in the 10k Race for Life at Wakefield Thornes Park. Sue came 4th in 51:33.


Weekly News 9 May 2017

A few races to report on this week and a couple missed from last week at the start to what promises to be a very busy May.

Midweek saw the start of the John Carr 5K race series, 3 fast 5k races on successive Wednesday evenings on road through Yorkshire Water. On a slightly altered course this year, starting and finishing at Esholt Hall, Matt Livesey was first pacer home in a blistering 17:24, Simon Platts 19.44, Darryl Stead 22:13, Brad Strutt 22:30, Andrew Smithurst 25:04, Victoria Dickinson 26:38, Melissa Stead 28:04 and Lia de Faveri 32:24. Who’s in this week?

On Saturday, after a night out at the Club Annual Awards, Peter Enever and Lisa Jamieson, were up bright and early to participate in the challenging hilly Over the Odda 10k, run over fields and farm tracks from Hawksworth, finishing in 51:31 and 65:58 respectively.

On Sunday a race calendar favourite took place, over near Halifax. The Bluebell 10 mile trail race has something for everyone. Our members enjoyed the troop up the infamous Trooper Lane (not for the fainthearted!) and to finish a lovely river crossing (although this years’ crossing was only ankle deep rather than waist deep as in previous years due to lack of rain recently. Dave Cooper led the troops home in 1:33:44, closed chased by most improved runner award winner Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez 1:33:46, Steve Pattison 1:37:16 and Nick Greenwood 1:46:60.

Paul Mortimer travelled solo to run the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon having won his place in a competition on New Years Eve finishing in 2:04:48.

Missed from last week 2 endurance events that need a mention:

Firstly, the Endurancelife Pembrokeshire Coastal Marathon, Paul Kaye reports “Just a note to let you know the results of my second marathon of the year, and on the back of Bolton Abbey, another Trail one. New trail shoes didn’t make me go any quicker along what was a very undulating course(3182ft of climbing), taking in some fantastic scenery as the route started from Little Haven, and along part of the cliff tops to St Brides, and then part cross country and on towards Dale and St Annes Head. Fortunately the rain never showed and it was a mix of sun and strong headwinds in places which weren’t too helpful going up the hilly sections of the paths. Had it rained then the dry ground would have been like a skating rink, and I wouldn’t have been allowed back in the van caked in crud. The route cut back towards St Brides, whilst the ultra runners had another circuit of St Annes Head which having done it once, some of them switched to our event and missed it out. The last mile seemed the longest, probably because I thought we’d be retracing our steps back to the car park, but the bonus was it was out on the coastal path so had a wee walk to get back there. Finished rather tired and dusty but crud free in 7hrs: 18: 13. Distance 27.8miles. Of course just when you think you’ve done good, another runner who came in after me and was chatting about the conditions let drop he’d finished in 7hrs 51…..which made me think my mapmy run had gone hay wire until he said he’d done the Ultra! Another 7 miles on top of the marathon!

He was clearly glutton for punishment”


Finally at the Fellsman on 29 April, Zagi Bashir completed the 61 mile 11,000ft challenge in 16 hours 19 minutes. Phew!

Pudsey Pacer Awards

Female Newcomer:     Pam Birchenall

Male Newcomer:       Mark Orbell

Most improved female: Dveirel Kovalsky Gonazalez

Most improved male:   Martin Bullock

Female Runner of the Year: Lynne Barrett

Male Runner of the Year: William Overton

Run Together Female: Fay Walker

Run Together Male:   Robert Greaves

Captain News

Supporting Club Captain Darren Barham this year will be female captains Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez and Katy Ralph and male captains Robert Samuels and Andy Hall.


Important dates to save in your diaries.

Your Club needs you! Help would be gratefully received at the following events:

Saturday 20 May – Pudsey Carnival

Sunday 18 June – Pudsey Legal 10K

Any time that you could volunteer to the club to assist participating in the Pudsey Carnival parade and manning the stand, or marshalling at the Pudsey Legal 10k would assist the 10k committee greatly and help showcase the club.

If you have not already volunteered please see Elaine Allan/Paul Mortimer (Pudsey Legal 10k) or Elaine Allan/William Overton (Pudsey Carnival) on a club night or let a member of the committee know.


Weekly News 2 May 2017

Well this week it would appear that there is just one race to report on and what a race that was, well deserving of a report all to itself! The 64th Annual 3 Peaks Race,  took place on Saturday 28 April 2017. Taking in the arduous ascents and descents of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks - Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, not only did we have a number of our members, who had been training hard on the hills in the previous months, limbering up on the start line, but also a troop of pacers donning yellow 3 Peaks Official hi viz tabards to marshall the event under the expert calm leadership of Martin Bullock. Pacers News was on location as one of the said troops, witnessing the action first hand.

The yellow pacer flags were flying high on the fells with Pacers busy manning check points, doing road crossings, tail running and generally out on the course in strategic positions offering support to the competitors.

Where to start with the race report as it certainly was an eventful race. The race was a World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship race, and the calibre of entrant as always was very high. The World Championships are due to take place in Italy in August. The surprise winner was Murray Strain from Hunters Bog Trotters (!) in Edinburgh. A navigation error coming off Whernside by 2011 winner Tom Owens, who had been in the lead, resulted in a huge effort from Murray Strain to successfully keep the lead finishing a long way ahead in 2:49:38. Evidence of the quality of running was clear when the women’s record was beaten by a clear 5 mins and 24 secs, by Bingley runner, Victoria Wilkinson, finishing in 3:09:19.

The weather conditions were kind on the day – dry, cool, although warming up when the sun shone. After the descent off Pen-y-Ghent, Leigh Hinchcliffe was lead pacer. However an unfortunate turn of the foot resulted in Leigh having to retire at the first checkpoint at High Birkwith, leaving Ben Mason to lead the club home in 4:38:35 on his second outing on this race. He was followed by Paul Gaile 4:43:26, Steve Boom 4:47:44, Shaun Denham 4:57:07, Darryl Stead 5:07:58, first timer Mark Pawson in 5:14:29 and a big hats off to Sara Demaine, beating all the cut off times to get around on her very first attempt at the race in 5:33.57, finishing 9th WV50. Ollie Roberts retired at Hill Inn but was in good company as Ricky Lightfoot, the previous 2014 and 2015 winner also retired at this point of the race! Great achievement. Next year anyone?

Sarah Turner – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Week ending 24 April 2017

Marathon season is now well underway with this week featuring the iconic Virgin Money London Marathon. Pacers news was glued to the tracker watching the progress of our members who were lucky enough to get one of the highly sought after places. All our runners did themselves and the club proud. First home in Pacers colours was Beth Bray, with a fantastic time of 3:21:40. Her well earned PB had Darryl turning to the club record books to find that Beth was 5 seconds away from the current female record!  Next up was Colleen Carter, who had us on the edge of our seats with the “will she won’t she” achieve that milestone sub 4. Colleen finished in 4:00:07, a massive PB of 14 minutes on last year’s marathon debut at Edinburgh. Next time Colleen! Nicola Cartwright was next home in 4:59:24 (phew!) and Debbie Tomlinson in 5:01:39. Well done all. If any members are feeling inspired by yesterday’s efforts then the ballot for the 2018 London Marathon opens on Monday 1 May and will close at 17.00 BST on Friday 5th May.

Whilst the marathoners were pounding the streets of London, a large contingent of members took to the hills for the first race in the YVAA league at Honley. For the uninitiated these are the Vets races that are for the over 35 year olds! 6 miles and plenty of hills saw the men’s team finish in 2nd place and the women in 4th place on the day. First home for the men was Nigel Armitage in 5th place 41:57 (2nd M40),  6th place Jon Holah in  42:15 (1st M55), James Clark (having taken a tumble) in 44:54, Rich Allen 44.56, Rob Samuels 45:27, Steve Boom 46:29, Mark Orbell 47:32, Dave Burdon 48:41 (2nd M60), John Halliwell 49:25, Mark Pawson 50:12, Lawrence Martin 51:54, Tony Mawson 52:51, Robert Greaves 53:05, William Overton 53:57, Peter Covey 56:07 (1st M75), Mick Liversidge 58:04, Mark Smith 58:09, Nick Greenwood 60:36, Andrew Smithurst 63:14, Adrian Martin 65:39, and David Owen 68:52. In the women’s team first home was Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez  53:07, Lucy Armstrong 55.00, Lisa Heath 57:10, Sue Ransome 58:18 (2nd F60), Lynne Barrett (3rd M60), Nic Anness 67:56, Mary Liversidge 69:37, Cathy Martin 70:43, and Lynne Oxley 82:53. Roll on the next race at Kirkstall at 19.30 on Tuesday 30 May – nice and local so let’s see if we can get more members trying out these races!

Bunny Run update. Race 2 took place on Tuesday 11 April in blustery and cool conditions, hopping in first was Darryl Stead 21:57, Peter Covey 25:16 and Tim Ayres 27:51. Race 3 took place in better conditions and saw Tim Ayres improving on his previous week’s performance with 27:19.

At Stockton Sprint Duathlon   first timer Emma Young was pleased with her efforts completing the 5k run, 20k bike ride and 2.5k run as 43rd female in a time of 1:22:00. She was clearly inspired by the fact that this was a world qualifying race!




Weekly News 18 April 2017


A couple of seasonal races to kick start off the Easter weekend. First off the Epworth Easter Egg 10k trail race. According to the website   “A Cracking race following a new route taking bridleways, tracks and woodland on the local Turburry”. A couple of our members scrambled their way around the course with Arthur Creek in 15th position in 42.36 and Brad Strutt 50.33. It was Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns all around at the finish line!

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